Hacienda de Las Cruces Fireplace

Whenever someone invites me into their home seeking advice for a project, I often find their home to be so lovely that I have more to take in and enjoy than I have answers to give. These are cases where the space is good, but not yet great. Perhaps the feel and layout are pleasing, but it lacks touches that make it personal. 

We are accustomed to seeing complete makeovers and gut jobs on television. It is easy to get caught up in the “big picture” of home decor and remodeling and negate the impact small changes can make. A single piece added or removed may enhance previously unnoticed colors in a room; sometimes family heirlooms that have been stored away need a prominent place to be seen and appreciated. For this room I used the colors already present in the space to create a simple design around the fireplace, keeping in mind the home’s architecture and history. The owners later added some lovely complimentary tiles around the base of the hearth to add even more drama to the room.

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