Hacienda de Las Cruces Window Restoration

For this project, I was asked to paint two window panes that had needed to be replaced. The challenge was that it had to match the existing work of the artist, Antoinette Cox. She had graced the windows of this home with the most lovely folk art and the two blank panes were nestled amongst a grouping of several, all decorated to the nines.

I believe that it is works like this that show whether or not an artist understands the underlying form of the subject and its movement. One brushstroke really counted! Glass is an interesting medium to paint on. It is challenging because you can’t go over it multiple times since the layers will pull up and it will show ALL your brushstrokes as if it is under a magnifying glass. The saving grace is that it is a most forgiving material for erasing and trying again. When the wing of the bird is four simple strokes, there is nowhere to hide. I was awed by Antoinette’s ability to create such feelings of grace and cheer with perfect simplicity. I have only completed the smaller of the two panes, but am looking forward to trying my hand at her style again.

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