Inspiration Behind New Watercolor Art Prints

While I visited my family in West Virginia in 2022, I sat every day at my grandma’s secretary and painted. It was a special way to feel connected to her even though she isn’t with us anymore. Of course, I brought some of New Mexico with me for inspiration (pomegranate and Texas sage), but I also soaked up the lush Eastern woodlands (Robin with wild roses).

Carving out a few hours of my day to paint helped pave the way for me to be more intentional about making time for it when I got back home and back into the shop. It’s funny how the things we love to do most tend the be the things we put off first. Am I the only one who does this? I doubt it. For me, I guilt trip myself. Painting is never a “chore” so it often feels like I am goofing off when I should be “working.” Ironically, I’ve built my entire business on the shoulders of my artwork.

I discovered after I begun to draw or paint every day was that I had more ideas! I was hitting less “creative blocks” and my hands and my head were cooperating better because of daily use. This doesn’t mean all my sketches or paintings will come to anything, or are even good ideas. Most of them are very sloppy and rough. But the practice and focus time allows a stream of creative thought to start flowing which leads to some lovely pieces that I am excited to share with the world.

I hope that if you have felt the same way or similarly, that you take this as your permission to make time to do what you love. No more excuses, no more guilt trips, and please no “I have no good ideas.” You can do it. And you should.

In case you were wondering, here are links to the supplies I was using! (I absolutely love getting to test our products)

Wonder Forest Watercolor Paper

Wonder Forest Detail Brushes

Princeton Velvet Touch Brushes (From Jerry’s Artarama)

Art Philosophy Confetti Pan Set

Art Philosophy Confections Pan Set

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