Retro Chair Redo

Originally intended as a quick flip project for the shop, these retro chairs won my heart with their shape and that they rock (in all senses of the word)! However, life’s twists and turns led to a delay in my reupholstery plans, and for over two years, these beauties languished in my garage, accumulating layers of dust and becoming temporary homes to spiders. When the day finally came to breathe new life into them, they took a detour to my living room, and I can honestly say, I don’t regret it (although I must acknowledge that Cheerios on the floor and finger smears on the TV are now regular features, courtesy of my lovely children).

The cushions were in relatively good condition, so I decided to focus my efforts on the fabric. To achieve the perfect wood tone, I mixed leftover wood stains. The most time-consuming part of the project involved disassembling the chair, including the springs and seam ripping all the fabric.

Once I had successfully dismantled the chair, I utilized the old cover as a template for the new fabric, ensuring a snug fit. While I initially considered adding piping around the seat cushion, I decided against it due to the need for additional supplies and tools, mindful of my budget.

In the end, this reupholstery project turned out to be one of the more complicated ones I’ve tackled on my own, but the results left me feeling immensely satisfied with the final product.

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